• Watch Yemeniettes on IndieFlix and Vimeo!

    Layalina is thrilled to announce that we have partnered with two major distribution platforms to stream our award-winning film, Yemeniettes. IndieFlix is a subscription service for independent film. You can join for $4.99/month and will have access to Yemeniettes, as well as award-winning comedies, documentaries, drama, animation, shorts, classic TV and more. Vimeo On Demand …

  • Generation Entrepreneur

    A reality series featuring the efforts of young Arab entrepreneurs competing for incubation funding to start companies as part of the 2012 INJAZ al-Arab regional entrepreneurship program.

  • American Caravan

    Kicked out of Tahrir Square, exposed to the realities of Middle East conflict, and buried alive in Arabian sands. This is what it means to journey on the American Caravan.

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