Watch Yemeniettes on IndieFlix and Vimeo!

Watch Yemeniettes on IndieFlix and Vimeo!

Layalina is thrilled to announce that we have partnered with two major distribution platforms to stream our award-winning film, Yemeniettes.

IndieFlix is a subscription service for independent film. You can join for $4.99/month and will have access to Yemeniettes, as well as award-winning comedies, documentaries, drama, animation, shorts, classic TV and more.

Vimeo On Demand offers access to a range of films, including documentaries, to rent or purchase, no subscription necessary. Yemeniettes is available to rent for $2.99 or to purchase for $8.99.

Now you have Layalina’s award-winning film at your fingertips anytime!

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