American Caravan

American Caravan

Kicked out of Tahrir Square, exposed to the realities of Middle East conflict, and buried alive in Arabian sands. This is what it means to journey on the American Caravan.

Our reality show American Caravan, sister series to Layalina and Visionaire Media’s On The Road in America, follows the adventure of six young Americans traveling across the Arab Middle East and North Africa in the footsteps of the Arab Spring. The journey is at once enchanting and challenging, with cast members experiencing a region in turmoil yet at the edge of a great new hope. Embodying the spirit of mutual respect and understanding, the episodes of American Caravan provide a deeper, more nuanced look at Arab life, culture, customs and hospitality that counters the negative representations and divisive stereotypes often perpetuated in the news.

American Caravan is a Visionaire Media production in association with Layalina Productions.  It is created and directed by Academy Award-nominated and multiple Emmy Award-winning producer Jerome Gary and executive produced by Jerome Gary and Leon Shahabian, Layalina’s President.

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